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Welcome to White Lake Resort!

Book for Your Summer Vacation

Whitelake Resort a four season resort in the heart of the Whiteshell

Open All Year Round. We now offer Gift Certificates. White Lake Resort is a proud member of the Manitoba Lodges & Outfitters Association.  Check local weather at WeatherOffice.


  • Modern and Rustic cabins
  • Complementary Internet (Wi-Fi) on site
  • All cabins have propane BBQ's
  • Licensed restaurant and licensed outdoor patio
  • Boats - Motors - Canoes
  • Gas, Propane, Firewood & Oil
  • Fishing licenses -Tackle - Bait
  • Groceries, On Site Laundromat
  • Swimming - Sandy Beach - Hiking Trails

Call us for Last Minute Specials!

Contact Us for Cabin Availability


White Lake Resort